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Charter of Ethics

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  • Saturday, 29 December 2018 15:21

Masiha Moeen Investment Management Holding

Charter of Ethics
Upon relying on the Auspices of the Almighty God and by considering the pillars of Good Thought, Good Word and Good Deed, we undertake to observe the principles of this charter.
- We always act for the consent of the God and know that he is always present and observes our deeds.
- We prioritize the observance of principles of the Charter of Ethics
- We observe the morals and Ethical values in Individual and organizational interactions.
- We believe in correct execution of international and national terms and regulations and observance of organizational discipline as main pillars in the activities.
- We believe that correct understanding and use of organizational powers and authorities in all levels are the source of efficient organizational behavior.
- We consider trustworthiness and keeping secrets and information of organization as preliminaries of our duties.
- We protect the assets and benefits of the shareholders and beneficiaries.
- We believe that observance of professional ethics regulations and clarity in notifications shows our credit and attracts the trust of others.
- We consider sense of responsibility, and responsiveness in our work and assigned duties as our obligation.
- We believe that the work safety regulations, and environmental health are necessary for protecting the health of others and ourselves.
- We believe in not misusing the assets and properties of the holding and consider this as a criteria for honesty.
- We believe that preserving and promoting an effective human resources are codes of our success.
- We are looking forward to receiving fruitful suggestions and proposals for organizational growth and development and promotion of sense of criticism
- We try our best for obtaining professional education and knowledge in order to promote the quality of activities.
- We believe we are good in being loyal to organizational goals.
“The secret of success is stability”

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