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  • Saturday, 29 December 2018 15:21

Strategy of the Holding

As per the strategic resolution of Holding which was confirmed and passed by the Board of Directors, the main strategies of the Masiha Moeen Investment Management Group are as follows:

- Preserving and developing the market share of Masiha Holding Investment in various industries including financial services, electrical industry, transportation, oil, gas and petrochemical industry

- Increasing the competitiveness of Masiha Holding services applicants through presenting solutions for deducting cost price of production and increasing the production and quality.

- Developing the investment in attractive sections inside and outside the country

- Developing Human resources of the company by developing the education and reinforcing the experts of the headquarter

- Amending the financial structure of the affiliated companies and exiting the low return investments

- Developing the capacity and diversity of the products in various businesses

- Implementing the comprehensive system of Management Information in the holding and subsidiary companies

- Implementing the Comprehensive Performance Evaluation System in the holding and subsidiary companies

- Implementing the Quality Management System in the structure of the holding and subsidiary companies

- Laying groundwork and facilitating the internal and international financial flows

- Attracting and guiding the investment in attractive internal and international sections

- Laying the groundwork for entrance of the holding into securities exchange up to 2020

- Performing development-based projects in order to enter into international markets


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