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Specialized Committees

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  • Saturday, 29 December 2018 15:20

Committee of promotion and Profitability:

This committee includes directors and members of the company, who act and control the holding group based on their knowledge, experience, and specialty by relying on teamwork andmultiple advocacy and collect practical solutions and guidelines for promoting the level of activities, outcome and utility and report them to the managing director so that after being confirmed by her, they will be submitted to the Board of Directors for further decisions.

Committee of Investment Attraction & Guidance:

This committee includes specialists and experienced persons, who act in the field of Investment Services Development and guiding them toward the economic goals such that it will be able to play effective and strong role in facilitating and providing purposeful investment based on strategies, goals and programs of the holding. Needless to say that the resolutions and decisions adopted by the committee will be studied by the managing director and then, she will transfer them to the Board of Directors. They will be enforceable upon approval of the board.  

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