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Subject of Activities

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  • Saturday, 29 December 2018 15:16

Main activities of the holding are as follows:

- Managing the capital, studying, controlling, creating, developing, establishing, and starting up various types of companies; purchasing stocks of the companies and selling them; benefiting from priority; investing in companies and projects; presenting practical and specialized solutions for developing investment market; attracting and guiding investment; facilitating and providing international and domestic financial flows.
- Studying, analyzing, preparing, codifying and executing various types of producing, service, commercial, vacation, tourism, developmental, etc.. plans as well as any type of investment and partnership in the abovementioned plans.
- Preparing the investing companies for entering into the stock exchange
- Enjoying financial and credit facilities from foreign and domestic banks, financial and credit institutes
- Proving the consultancy and managerial services required for the investing companies in the fields of production, new investments, development, supplement, budgeting, financial and credit resource supply, issuance, confirmation an acceptance of any type of letter of guarantee and undertaking, marketing and designing management systems for increasing their productivity
- Performing all authorized economic and business activities.

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