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Activities & Projects

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  • Thursday, 10 January 2019 08:53

Projects and current activities:

- Changing the financial structure of several great companies and taking actions for their entrance in Iran Exchange for promoting the level of activities in two sections of Financial and operational.

- Managing the stocks and administrating the production of Alcohol under the title of Sadra Kimia Alcohol

- supply of Equipment for oil and gas industries

- Managing the stocks and Management stocks of two factories of tire and tire cord of the country

- Starting up the first Offshore bank of the country under the name of “Vista Bank”

-Supply of machinery and in town transportation For the municipality of Tehran

-Supply of animal feed for Internal collections In order to prevent stopping production in Affiliated industries

Planned Projects and Activities:

- Constructing 5 star hotel in Isfahan

- Constructing a Tourism, Vacation, and accommodation complex under the name of “Sabou” in Lavasan

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